How personal contact will change post-Covid-19

Email We’ll be less touchy-feely and far more wary, but the transition will feel strange I In a normal week, it’s hard to count how many times we come into physical contact with other human beings. For many who are isolating alone, this may be the longest period in their lives that they’ve gone without skin-to-skin human […]

Coronavirus: How New Zealand got its coffees and fries back

Email Coffee and fast food seemed to be the first thing on the mind of New Zealanders as the country emerged from almost five weeks of strict lockdown. The alert level has shifted to level three, allowing takeaway food shops and some non-essential business to re-open. And it wasn’t long before queues formed in front […]

Enterprise Business Head

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Coronavirus: Talking to yourself in lockdown? You’re not alone

Email Since the lockdown, many people have been spending more time on their own. Should they be worried if they end up chatting to the only person in the room? Sue Elliott-Nicholls thinks not. “I’m starting to talk to myself,” lamented a friend who lives on her own. “What, you mean you don’t already?” I […]


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Dry, Irritated Hands?

Dry, Irritated Hands? Heal Them With These Dermatologist Tips We’re all washing our hands much more frequently these days, and the constant scrubbing and sanitizing can be a recipe for dry, irritated skin. In this edition of our Doctor’s Office series, Dr. Gary Goldenberg, board-certified dermatologist, offers timely tips on how to keep your hands […]